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boulangerie coron - main store
There a wide range of bread from hard bread to sweet one for the people to enjoy with wine or family.

boulangerie coron - Akarenga Terrace store
Sandwich with a plenty of Hokkaido ingredients.
There are many sweet bread in a small portion for you to try.



  • バゲット coron

    Baguette coron

    ¥238 (without tax)

    Baked by long temperature and long fermentation with a little yeast.
    The dough which fermented more than a half day, contains original sweetness and flavor of wheat.

  • バタール


    ¥238 (without tax)

    Baked by long temperatures and long fermentation.
    Because of the diameter is wider than a baguette, please taste moist inner layers.

  • リュスティック(プレーン)

    Rustique (Plane)

    ¥114 (without tax)

    Rustic means primitive in French.
    It added plenty of water in the dough and baked.
    Enjoy making a sandwich also.

  • リュスティック 道産とうきび

    Rustique aux Hokkaido Corn

    ¥229 (without tax)

    The dough added plenty of water with Hokkaido corn.
    Enjoy glutinous texture which is characteristic of Hokkaido wheat.

  • パン・ド・カンパーニュ

    Pain de Campagne

    ¥800 (without tax)

    Using a natural yeast and combined stone mill rye with whole wheat flour.
    Enjoy the fragrance of wheat and rye.

    1/2 ¥400 (without tax)
    1/4 ¥200 (without tax)

  • パン・コンプレ

    Pain Complet

    ¥74 (without tax)

    Contains 40% of whole wheat flour for meal bread.
    High nutritious valued bread with vitamin, mineral and fiver.

  • パン・オ・マングー

    Pan aux Mangue

    ¥741 (without tax)

    Takasaki chef’s original menu.
    Sensational combination with mango, a big piece of grains pepper and cashew nuts.
    Half ¥371(without tax)
    Slices ¥185(without tax)

  • パン・オ・ロデヴフリュイ

    Pain de Lodeve Fruit

    ¥1,200 (without tax)

    Kneaded the raisins, cranberries and walnuts into the high hydrolytic dough which fermented with Levain.
    Half ¥600(without tax)
    1/4size ¥300(税抜)

  • ミッシュブロート

    Mischbrot (Mixed flour bread with rye and wheat)

    ¥600 (without tax)

    Germany bread kneaded a plenty of rye.
    Half ¥300(without tax)

  • ヴァルヌスブロート

    Walnuss brot (Walnut bread)

    ¥800 (without tax)

    Kneaded the walnut and raisin into the rye dough.
    Half ¥400(without tax)


  • 山中牛乳クリームパン

    Yamanaka Milk Cream Bread

    ¥124 (without tax)

    The original custard made by Yamanaka farm milk in it.

  • 十勝あんぱん

    Tokachi Anpan (Sweet Red Beans)

    ¥124 (without tax)

    Using Hokkaido Tokachi red beans and baked deeply.

  • メロンパン

    Melon Bread

    ¥143 (without tax)

    Using orange and lemon peel as secret ingredients and remains a little refreshing flavor in sweetness.

  • 大納言

    Dainagon (Sweet Beans)

    ¥200 (without tax)

    The shape of bread, “C” is the first letter of coron.
    It contains plenty of Dainagon.(Red beans)

  • クロワッサンcoron

    Croissant coron

    ¥210 (without tax)

    The dough made by Yamanaka farm milk and fermented butter.
    Enjoy moist light texture.

lean / sand / cooking

  • パン・ド・ミ

    Pain de mie

    3loaf¥686(without tax)
    1loaf¥229(without tax)

    The dough is moist smooth and glutinous texture which is made by Yamanaka farm milk.

  • テーブルロール

    Table Roll

    ¥90 (without tax)

    The dough made by Yamanaka farm milk.
    Suitable for meal.

  • くるみロール

    Walnut Roll

    ¥100 (without tax)

    The dough made by Yamanaka farm milk with plenty of walnut.
    It’s suitable for breakfast.

  • レーズンロール

    Raisin Roll

    ¥115 (without tax)

    The dough made by Yamanaka farm milk with plenty of raisin.
    It’s suitable for breakfast.

  • クロックムッシュ

    Croque monsieur

    ¥257 (without tax)

    Put the bechamel sauce, blue cheese and gruyere cheese on the bread

  • ガーリックフランス

    Garlic France

    ¥200 (without tax)

    Using baguette dough with original garlic butter.

special / other

  • クグロフ


    (Large) ¥1,111 (without tax)
    (Small) ¥556 (without tax)

    Luxurious fermented confectionery with Sultana raisin, orange peel and pear.

  • coron素焼きラスク

    coron Rusk

    ¥324 (without tax)

    The baguette made with Hokkaido 100% wheat was as it is in Rusk.

  • 留萌甘エビラスク

    Rumoi Shrimp Rusk

    ¥650 (without tax)

    Rusk with Rumoi Shrimp flavor

  • 日高昆布ラスク

    Hidaka Kelp Rusk

    ¥650 (without tax)

    Rusk with Hidaka Kelp flavor

  • ギフトボックス 大

    Gift Box Large

    ¥333 (without tax)

    Gift box for one hard bread with one half bottle wine.
    You can also use for assorted bread in it.(with the original paper bag)
    *The photo is for your information.

  • ギフトボックス 中

    Gift Box Medium

    ¥238 (without tax)

    The gift box contains 5 - 8 pcs of bread.
    You can also use a full bottle wine and sliced hard bread in it.(with the original paper bag)
    *The photo is for your information.

  • ギフトボックス 小

    Gift Box Small

    ¥267 (without tax)

    The gift box contains one hard bread or 3 - 5 pcs of bread and one half bottle of wine.
    (with the original paper bag)
    *The photo is for your information.

  • 道産ワイン各種豊富に取り揃えております

    Variety of Hokkaido wines

    There are variety of Hokkaido wine.
    Yamazaki, Hosui, Takizawa, Tsurunuma, Ochigabi and Mashike
    *The lineup change sometime.

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  • パン・オ・ノア

    Pain aux noix

    ¥540 (without tax)

    With plenty of walnut.
    It’s a good combination of sweet dough and walnut.
    Half ¥270 (without tax)
    Slised ¥135 (without tax)

  • カンパーニュ・ノア・レザン

    Campagne noix Raisin

    ¥267 (without tax)

    The campagne dough contains with walnut and raisin.

  • カンパーニュ・メランジェ

    Campagne Melange

    ¥800 (without tax)

    The Campagne dough with green raisin, Sultana raisin, cranberry, fig and walnut in it.
    The taste is balanced with sweetness and sourness.
    Half ¥400 (without tax)
    Slised ¥200 (without tax)


  • マロンフランス

    Marron France

    ¥257 (without tax)

    It contains plenty of a marron glacé and covered with French dough.

  • キャラメルフランス

    Caramel France

    ¥200 (without tax)

    Using baguette dough and a salty caramel and make it a little bitter and sweetness taste.

  • パン・オ・ショコラ

    Pain aux Chocolat

    ¥238 (without tax)

    Using croissant dough with French chocolate.

  • チョコとコーヒーのブリオッシュ

    Brioche with chocolate and coffee

    ¥450 (without tax)

    Rich take of Brioche using Saturdays Chocolate (Sapporo).Suitable for gifts.

  • シューcoron

    Cream puff of coron

    ¥210 (without tax)

    Dessert bread which put caramel custard cream into danish dough.Please eat chilled.

lean / sand / cooking

  • スイートロール(5個入)

    Sweet roll ( 5 pcs)

    ¥238 (without tax)

    Less sweet, please enjoy with jam or butter

  • フォカッチャ(プレーン)

    Plane Focaccia

    ¥160 (without tax)

    With olive oil flavor

  • フォカッチャ(チーズ)

    Cheese Focaccia

    ¥240 (without tax)

    Put cheese on the Focaccia.

  • 明太バゲット

    Mentaiko(Cod roe with red pepper) Baguette

    ¥200 (without tax)

    Mixed Hokkaido Mentaiko into Baguette dough.

  • ベーコンエピ

    Bacon epi

    ¥260 (without tax)

    The black pig bacon of the Yamanaka Pasture was wrapped in cloth of French bread , it was in the form of ear of wheat .

  • 2色のオリーブパン

    2 colored Olive Bread

    ¥200 (without tax)

    Containing green olive and black olive and covered with cheese.

  • 北海道産チーズのクッペ

    Hokkaido cheese Coupe

    ¥260 (without tax)

    Using 2 different kinds of North Plain Farm Cheese which made by plenty of good flavor milk.Smokey flavor is good accent.

  • 焼きカレーパン

    Baked curry bread

    ¥238 (without tax)

    coron original curry bread with Hokkaido pork rib, mushroom and vegetables.With sophisticated little spicy taste for adult.

  • カスクルート


    ¥343 (without tax)

    Sandwich with hum, Hokkaido cheese and black pepper

special / other

  • ラスク(バニラ)

    Vanilla Rusk

    ¥190 (without tax)

    Vanilla sugar with vanilla beans and baked deeply.
    Taste of sweetness and bitter becomes a habit.

Akarenga Terrace storemenu


  • ドゥミ・バゲット

    De mie Baguette

    ¥200 (without tax)

    The popular baguette which baked low temperatures and long fermentation
    at coron.
    Changed the size for easy to eat.

  • コンプレ・フィグ

    Complet Figues

    (Large) ¥350 (without tax)
    (Small) ¥130 (without tax)

    Baked whole wheat flour with fig.
    Enjoy it with red wine or meat dishes.

  • コンプレ・ポム

    Complet pomme

    (Large) ¥400 (without tax)
    (Small) ¥240 (without tax)

    Contains the apples and walnuts in the whole wheat dough.

  • りんごとクリームチーズのコンプレ

    Complet with apple and cream cheese

    ¥240 (without tax)

    Contains the apples and cream cheese in the whole wheat dough.

  • オリーブとアンチョビフランス

    Olive and Anchovy France

    ¥400 (without tax)

    The combination of the royal road of the combined olives and anchovies.
    Half ¥200(without tax)

  • 亜麻の実ときな粉のハードパン

    Hard bread with fruit of flax and soybean flour

    ¥600 (without tax)

    Healthy bread with high nutritious fruit of flax and soybean flour.
    Half ¥300(without tax)
    1/4 ¥150(without tax)

  • ソーダブレッド プレーン

    Soda Bread Plane

    ¥140 (without tax)

    Recommend it for breakfast and snack with coffee.
    No adding butter and easy to eat.

  • ソーダブレッド  アールグレイとオレンジピール

    Soda Bread Earl Grey and Orange peel

    ¥210 (without tax)

    Flavorful soda bread which is kneaded the tea leaves of Earl Grey and orange peel.


  • ヴィエノワ


    ¥140 (without tax)

    Not using water.
    Using milk and make it sweet moister confectionary bread.

  • ヴィエノワ・ショコラ

    Viennois Chocolate

    ¥160 (without tax)

    Using Viennois dough and contains organic chocolate chips.

  • 十勝あんバター

    Tokachi An Butter

    ¥200 (without tax)

    Using Tokachi red beans and Yamanaka farm fermentation butter.

lean / sand / cooking

  • 山中牧場のミルクパン

    Yamanaka Farm Milk Bread

    ¥220 (without tax)

    Milk bread using Yamanaka farm milk.
    A little sweet and moister.

  • 北海道じゃがバター

    Hokkaido Potato & Butter

    ¥200 (without tax)

    Boiled potato baked with a plenty of butter.

  • シャンピニオン


    ¥200 (without tax)

    Spread the original mushroom butter with Tokachi Mushroom, Eringi and Maitake and grilled it. Good combination with Wine.

  • ハニーゴルゴンゾーラ

    Honny and Gorgonzola

    ¥280 (without tax)

    Combined the flavor of Gorgonzola and honey, suitable for the wine. Warm up at home.

You can enjoy our products even each restaurant & Café of Sapporo city.

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